Macquarie Warrant Warrior

Facebook Contest Web Application

Macquarie Malaysia's warrants team is constantly exploring new ways to educate would-be investors about warrants. However, it's often too daunting a task for newcomers to digest the necessary knowledge, even if the end-result is potential monetary gain. To solve this (in the short-term), we worked with Macquarie to create Warrant Warrior.

While luring unsuspecting folk with a cash prize is mind-blowingly unoriginal; the app that was built to facilitate it, is. [original]

A shortened, typical user journey.

The app was carefully designed to still have an element of fun (eventhough it was about studying warrants) and risk (to simulate an actual investment), by including a bonus question that you could attempt to answer for additional points. The catch was, that if you answered the bonus question wrong, you'd have less points than when you first started.

Built with:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • Heroku